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Use instead of loops and Array.push

Josh Wulf

5 minutes read

This is part of a series of posts where I refactor code from StackOverflow questions, with a discussion of the changes. One of the great things about JavaScript is how scalable it is. You can start with a simple script, and there is nothing wrong with that. Usually these posts are about refactorings other than what the questioner asked about, and would be out of scope for the SO answer. There is nothing wrong with code that runs, and “There is no such thing as good coding, only good…

The Zeebe Node Batch Worker

A new Zeebe Node worker allows you to batch access to external resources, for great justice.

Josh Wulf

6 minutes read

Zeebe is a workflow engine for orchestrating microservices, using BPMN models to define complex workflows that can be monitored operationally using a graphical representation of the process state.

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