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Meaningless, Repetitive Work

Hilariously Honest IT Job Ads from the Legendary Recruiter


This is a selected twenty-five of the ads that I wrote while working as a Technical Recruiter, each accompanied by a brief backstory of the ad.

Here is some of the press that my ads got at the time:

  • c|net: Repetitive, meaningless work: The world’s most honest IT job ad
  • The Register: Job ad promises ‘Meaningless Repetitive Work on the .NET Stack’
  • Sunshine Coast Daily: Is this the funniest job ad of all time?
  • Lokker med meningsløst, repetitivt arbeid på .NET-stakken

If you are a digital recruiter, you might treat this like those design books that contain pages and pages of postcard designs - drawing inspiration for your own job ads. You might even read the backstory and get some inspiration on the role that you play in the digital ecosystem where you live.

If you work as a developer, you might get a laugh of recognition from some of the stories told in the ads - like reading a Dilbert comic.

If you live in Brisbane, you may well recognise some of the people that I mention by name in the ads or the back stories. You should have seen the parts of this book that the lawyers made me take out!

Critics respond to my job ads

Sooo, HR told one of the developers to write the ad and didn’t read it before it was posted? I can think of no other explanation for the honesty on display here.” - Applebeignet on Reddit

The Ad is real.” - The Register

Is this the worst IT job ad in the world, or the best?” - CNET

I have no idea why I feel this strange attraction, yet I do.” - Michael Hoffman

Your strength clearly lies in the pageantry of showmanship” - Frank Schilling, CEO, Uniregistry

As a job seeker not even in the same field, I have a confession to make: I actively seek out Josh Wulf’s ads on Seek” - Anish Nair

This guy is a legit beast.” - Azarel Howard

Truly a work of art!” - Sven Dowdeit

Original, insightful, and often hilarious.” - Daniel McKeown

Unbelievable there is people like this ruining our industry…” - Michael Cant

You’ve really shook up the recruiting scene. Good to see.” - John Diamond

Håper han klarerte denne med oppdragsgiver først.” - Marius Jørgenrud,

Top 5 recruiters in Brisbane? In no particular order: Josh Wulf.” - Brad Boveinis

The book is available on

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