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20 Tips on travelling like a BOSS

Some tips on travelling like a BOSS.

Josh Wulf

11 minutes read

Over the last 20 years, I’ve done a fair amount of travel around the world. My first trip out of New Zealand on my own - in 1996, to Sydney - was a hot mess. I had no idea that you have to pass through a metal detector at the airport, and I rocked up with batteries, coins, a metal chain on my wallet, a Maglite torch, and a multi-headed screwdriver in my pockets. When I got down to the screwdriver the security guy said, incredulously: “What are you, Dr Who??

Zero-Scale Zeebe with Cloudflare Workers

A Cloudflare worker that provides a zero-scale Slack messaging task for Camunda Cloud, using the Camunda Cloud HTTP Worker.

Josh Wulf

4 minutes read

I get questions about running Zeebe at “zero-scale”. That means workers that consume no resources when there are no tasks to perform.

Node.js client for Zeebe Microservices Orchestration Engine

I’m proud to announce that Credit Sense has open-sourced our Node.js client library for Zeebe.

Josh Wulf

7 minutes read

Update: I now work at Camunda on Zeebe as the Node client maintainer and a Developer Advocate. Things have changed in the broker and the library since this was published - for the latest on using it, refer to my new book in development - “The Zeebe Node.js Client Guide"

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